A love of travel, nature and architecture inform my work. As an avid photographer and gardener, I play with contrast and patterning to add subtle highlights or striking accents. A passion for botanical art and raw uncut gemstones is reflected in the diverse range of textures in my jewellery. Pieces are also infused with visual influences of places I have lived; my use of light and shadow recalls the reflection of sunlight on the sea in the Bahamas and changing patterns in the night sky over Egypt. Inspired by New York’s gleaming skyscrapers, other designs catch the eye by combining polished and matt surfaces.


Aquamarine ring

2018 Commission

I have been buying Emma’s Jewelry for the past 25 years. I have always loved the essence of her design , her craftsmanship and her creative drive. Her jewelry has both a simple elegance and great sophistication combining in beautifully made pieces . I will be collecting Emma Q for as long as she is designing . There is no one else like her.
— Judy Counihan – Film and TV director


Collections are vibrant and evocative, playing with texture, colour and form in a way that echoes the balance between the calm of the natural world and the chaos of urban living. Wearers can create their own unique look by combining different metals, shapes and stones with my Celestial, Faceted and Spun collections. Or express their individuality by commissioning a one-off piece to mark a special occasion. For those looking for a pared-back but striking modern aesthetic, Arrow comprises minimalist geometric forms. Alternatively, wedding and commitment collections offer a distinctive, contemporary take on timeless designs. Everything is made by hand in the UK and is finished to the highest standards of craftsmanship.  I use recycled silver and gold where possible and source all my gems and diamonds ethically through a few carefully selected dealers.

Inspired by a family background in architectural engineering, art and design, I thrive on the technical challenges involved in my work. I find problem-solving an exciting part of the making process, an example being finding a way to conceal clasps so they seamlessly formed part of this necklace. My work is both sculptural and playful, combining modern design methods like CAD with traditional goldsmithing techniques. I’ve sold pieces in selected museums and galleries nationally, including the V&A and Barbican shops, plus internationally in Japan, the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York, and MOMA San Francisco.


Ever since training at Central School of Art and Design I’ve enjoyed experimenting in an effort to create work that will stand the test of time. My designs and methods constantly evolve, an example being that recent ventures into the world of ceramics and throwing on the potter’s wheel have renewed my interest in carving wax patterns for casting. I’ve also taken inspiration from Brutalist architecture, faceted gemstones, and the dramatic landscape of New Mexico for a collection of rings I’m currently working on that are carved in wax and cast in silver and gold.

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